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I recommend this YouTube channel:

Alec explains various pieces of technology and reveals details you wouldn't have expected :-)

#technology #explained

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@stardenver fürs raid und für die backup platte zfs (snapshots, compression und zfs-send sind unheimlich praktisch)
Fürs /, /boot und /var/lib/docker ext4 (ist gut abgehangen, ist überall supported und funktioniert einfach)
...und dann hab ich noch ganz paar centos kisten mit xfs auf der Arbeit (weil das iwer so in unser default image eingerichtet hat. verhält sich auch unauffällig, nur das fehlende verkleinerungs-feature nervt manchmal)

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Absolutely agree!

ISO 8601: the better date format -

I'm always using ISO 8601 to name directories after date, esp. archives.

#iso #date

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@stardenver bin mit einer meiner beiden instanzen auf nc21, nutze aber keine e2ee.
Upgrade war bei mir etwas holprig - habe aber auch mit nem php8 upgrade kombiniert.
Hatte einmal das occ out-of-memory problem mit apc und die DB-migration hat meine bestehenden Talk channels nebst chat history gefressen (fand ich aber nicht so tragisch).

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@echo_pbreyer Welcome to the real world.

This is the situation for years for people running their own email servers. E-Mails are randomly blocked by Microsoft with no given reason and unblocking never works.

This is central control and power abuse in it's purest form!

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@_xhr_ @echo_pbreyer
MS is a pain in the rear for every mailprovider. Small mailservers still mostly get through but as soon as you reach a certain thrashold (mails/d) which they dont tell you excact numbers on, they just block you out if they dont consider you a well-known provider. Even if you send mails from hostnames, that live in the domain stated in your RIPE-DB record (which is usually what always gets you delistet instantly)

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📢Nextcloud 21 is here!

🚀10x faster with high performance back-end for Files

📝Collaborative features: Whiteboard, author colors in Text, and Document Templates

🗨Nextcloud Talk: message status indicators, raise hand, conversation description & more!

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Next time you’re outside, take time to pay special attention to the little things around you. You will be amazed at the things you find!

#waterdrop #dew #macro #closeup #nature #naturephotography #outdoors #treebranch
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This is the ideal laptop pointing device. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like:

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used todays sunny winter weather here in eastern saxony for another walk with the camera...

@stardenver @milan File-Storage scheint mir nicht gerade eine Stärke von Nextcloud zu sein. Hab was den Filesync betrifft mit Nextcloud auch nicht wirklich besonders gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Hatte das auch schon paar mal, das der Sync-Client sich irgendwie verschluckt hatte (Konflikt) und ich dann einfach den Sync-Ordner gelöscht und neu angelegt habe, damits wieder synced.
Nutze für Dateisync derzeit vor allem Syncthing und greife mehr oder weniger nur noch via WebDAV aufs Nextcloud zu.

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Fun fact: In communist Eastern Germany, state-owned #DeutscheReichsbahn operated more than 100 snowploughs on its small railway system. After the German reunification, most of these were scrapped.

Today, the whole country of Germany has 43 ploughs for 34.000 kilometres of railways.

As a result, hundreds of trains are cancelled every time it snows, because the #DeutscheBahn doesn't have enough ploughs. 🤡

(photo: GDR snow plough | author: Störfix @ Wikimedia Commons | license: CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Terraria developer cancels Google Stadia release after Youtube account ban that killed all of his Google services access.

a few shots taken during a short geocaching trip this afternoon.
the icy winds made this pretty unpleasant and it will probably get a lot worse here the next days.

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