@milan das ist doch das feature, über das wir uns letztens unterhalten hatten, oder? Bei Debian mit xfce gibts das also auch (und funktioniert zumindest auf meinem Bastel-X220 auch mit encrypted lvm korrekt)

Edit: Bild vergessen...

the unusual type of asymmetric internet connections... (I'm a bit concerned about the "faster than 58% of DE" part though as these are pretty shitty speeds)

Mein Freifunk-Node wird in letzter Zeit auch ganz gut genutzt... Teilweise bis zu 9 Clients auf der kleinen Kiste.

the new wireguard windows client works pretty well for being this early in development. 👍

Visual Representation: Debugging Issues in a Jboss Cluster

used yesterdays sunny weather for a hiking and geocaching tour at a nearby lake. It already feels like summer around here. Unbelievable that it was snowing just a week ago.

another try at night photos. Whenever I am in the village for the weekend I'm impressed how many more stars are visible here compared to my place (Dresden)

another long-exposure shot, I took a few months ago. Unfortunately the denoising filter is pretty visible on this one.

used yesterdays colder weather for a tour to Saxon Switzerland.
These are the photos I brought back (which are not particularly great - ik).

also testing multiple image attachments to a post - From the UI POV it'd be great to be able to select multiple files in the upload window. currently you have to add these one by one

when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.


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