edited some photos from my tour to "stromberg" in eastern saxony last weekend.

we could observe a red kite there from a pretty close distance (pics are 300mm 35mm-equivalent)

some photos from a trip a few days ago to Zittauer Gebirge.
The Pictures are taken along a valley called "Weißbachtal".

some photos from another geocaching trip about two weeks ago somewhere in eastern saxony.

The clouds look pretty nice on pics but the showers were a bit annoying. ;)

some pics from my hike today.
I was pretty lucky with the weather as it was sunny most of the time despite not being forecasted that way.

some I took during a small hike to in late 2021.

Even though the view wasn't very clear against the mist hanging in between the mountain ranges looked pretty interesting.

used todays sunny winter weather here in eastern saxony for another walk with the camera...

a few shots taken during a short geocaching trip this afternoon.
the icy winds made this pretty unpleasant and it will probably get a lot worse here the next days.

did a winter walk this afternoon and took my camera with me. Still a lot of snow here in eastern saxony.

In this weather it is pretty apparent that the light in the shadows does have a different color (scattered sunlight from the blue sky) than direct sunlight.

@milan das ist doch das feature, über das wir uns letztens unterhalten hatten, oder? Bei Debian mit xfce gibts das also auch (und funktioniert zumindest auf meinem Bastel-X220 auch mit encrypted lvm korrekt)

Edit: Bild vergessen...

the unusual type of asymmetric internet connections... (I'm a bit concerned about the "faster than 58% of DE" part though as these are pretty shitty speeds)

Mein Freifunk-Node wird in letzter Zeit auch ganz gut genutzt... Teilweise bis zu 9 Clients auf der kleinen Kiste.

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