used todays sunny winter weather here in eastern saxony for another walk with the camera...

a few shots taken during a short geocaching trip this afternoon.
the icy winds made this pretty unpleasant and it will probably get a lot worse here the next days.

did a winter walk this afternoon and took my camera with me. Still a lot of snow here in eastern saxony.

In this weather it is pretty apparent that the light in the shadows does have a different color (scattered sunlight from the blue sky) than direct sunlight.

@milan das ist doch das feature, über das wir uns letztens unterhalten hatten, oder? Bei Debian mit xfce gibts das also auch (und funktioniert zumindest auf meinem Bastel-X220 auch mit encrypted lvm korrekt)

Edit: Bild vergessen...

the unusual type of asymmetric internet connections... (I'm a bit concerned about the "faster than 58% of DE" part though as these are pretty shitty speeds)

Mein Freifunk-Node wird in letzter Zeit auch ganz gut genutzt... Teilweise bis zu 9 Clients auf der kleinen Kiste.

just edited a few pictures I shot in the last 2 weeks during various geocaching and hiking trips.

the new wireguard windows client works pretty well for being this early in development. 👍

Visual Representation: Debugging Issues in a Jboss Cluster

used yesterdays sunny weather for a hiking and geocaching tour at a nearby lake. It already feels like summer around here. Unbelievable that it was snowing just a week ago.

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