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"The goals of the advertising business model do not always correspond to providing quality search to users." 

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I opensourced our live streaming server setup today

You can have a look on

It's basically nginx-rtmp and a selfmade python player frontend glued together by docker-compose.

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Things Covid has proven:

1. The job you were told couldn't be done remotely can be done remotely

2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didn't want them to.

3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.

4. Universal healthcare is a necessity.

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According to law, you should be able to use your own router to connect to the internet in #Germany. But @mxmehl and Lucas experienced soft and hard barriers against #RouterFreedom.

Read their story and how you can defend yourself:

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RT @chris_pescador@twitter,com:

as brilliant as it gets

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die zombi mastodon instanz ist jetzt auch mal auf 3.1.2 aktualisiert.

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Deswegen lieber #Debian oder mit einfacherer Installation #sparkylinux

#Ubuntu is placing ads in its motd when you ssh in.

The way it fetches this ad is by doing

USER_AGENT="curl/$curl_ver $lsb $platform $cpu $uptime cloud_id/$cloud_id"

curl -A "$USER_AGENT" ...

In other words, Ubuntu is sending Canonical tracking information so it can serve you an ad.

This doesn't exactly run every time you log in (it caches the ad in /var/cache), but still... phoning home for a frickin ad?

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Endlich spricht es mal eine #Partei aus: Neben vielen guten anderen Punkten fordern die Grünen die Bundesregierung dazu auf, bei der #EU #Ökodesign #Richtlinie die Hersteller von Elektrogeräten dazu zu verpflichten, "nach dem Supportende für ein Elektrogerät den Softwarecode unter einer #freien #Lizenz zu veröffentlichen".

#upcycling #software = #upcycling #hardware

#DigitaleNachhaltigkeit #RechtAufReparatur

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This article is an excellent history of CSS and how it become what it is today. An excellent piece if you'd like to have a better understanding of the language.


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Never rely on external infrstructure.

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So, genug gewartet: Das Programm der Chemnitzer Linux-Tage ist online und die Anmeldungen für Workshops, CLT-Junior und die Praxis Dr. Tux möglich:

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#xkcd #gammaTest Blockchain - Blockchains are like grappling hooks, in that it's extremely cool when you encounter a problem for which they're the right solution, but it happens way too rarely in real life. - Wed, 12 Feb 2020 05:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

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Decentralized SMTP is for the greater good

- SMTP is the way computers exchange e-mails

- it is a decentralized protocol meaning that ANYONE can run a node and be independent

- it is being centralized at companies that have a history of abuse

- it is being centralized in a country that has a history of abuse

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why @eff isn't mentioning XMPP and conversations in this page? are whatsapp and signal paying their ads in the website? :wavey:

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RT @Nea_Matzen
Das Interview mit dem UN-Sonderbeauftragten für Folter beschreibt wirklich ungeheuerliche Vorgänge im Fall #assange, jede Zeile lohnt sich.

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If your executives inform you that they find it outrageous that 40% of all sick days taken by employees happen to fall on a Monday or a Friday...

...and the silence that ensues when you point out that Mondays and Fridays simply account for 40% of all workdays 😂

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Frohlocket: Die GTFS-Daten des Mitteldeutschen Verkehrsverbunds (mdv, Region Halle-Leipzig) sind jetzt als „richtiges“ Open Data verfügbar:

Und auf gibt es nun auch eine weitere Darstellung für Pseudo-Open-Data


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